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As I said in my Hello World post i’ve been researching Tesla for several months and following the ups and downs in various forms. I wanted to share a few of the most useful and entertaining resources I found beyond the obvious main Tesla site:

  • The Tesla Forums are rich and active and generally well tended. You can find a ton of information there for just about anything you want to know, just beware that things are evolving fast and it can be hard to find the needle in the haystack.
  • I found two really active YouTube channels with entertaining and informative videos:
    • Bjørn Nyland – Videos from Norway of him driving everywhere in crazy weather conditions etc. Life with the Tesla and well edited.
    • KmanAuto – Videos from Chicago USA in sub-freezing temperatures, car modifications etc.
  • There are several other YouTube videos out there that fall into a few categories:
  • There are several Tesla-focussed blogs:
    • Teslarati.com – news, upgrades, tips. Some of these sites
    • Teslaowner – a personal blog for someone who started with the Roadster and moved to the Model S
    • There are a few others that are more personal blogs of people that also own Teslas.
  • There’s also the Tesla Model S unofficial buyers guide which is quite informative and covers a whole range of information.

If you know others that are informative and active let me know.