96T12 bulbOne of the appealing things about the Tesla Model S is that, while its an electric vehicle, it is also a full size usable car. Many of the hybrids and EVs that are out there have sacrificed a lot of space to fit things in. With Tesla, its just the opposite — there is a ton of space for storage. I was showing a friend the back of the Tesla yesterday and he said “Wow thats huge!”. Then I lifted up the mat and showed him there’s even more storage underneath. Next he asked, “Whats in the front?”, I opened the funk and showed him the cavernous empty space and he was even more amazed. Inside near the driver its a bit of a different story with limited room to store your odds and ends, but for real cargo the Telsa is amazing.

The cargo space for the Tesla is rated at 31.6 cubic feet with seats up, 63.4 cubic feet with seats down. I had an errand to run to pick up a half dozen 96T12 fluorescent bulbs as well as some smaller ones. These bulbs are 96″ long (8 feet) and are delicate. The Tesla is a hatch back and the rear seats fold down in a 60/40 style. I folded the smaller slide down and slid the bulbs in. The went up to the front resting on the armrest but fit perfectly without getting in my way as a driver.

Do do 8′ items fit in the Tesla? Yes!

Tomorrow’s fit test is with the dog, stay tuned!

96T12 Fit