IMG_2551Before delivery I was concerned about the key fob and if I needed to buy something to attach it to my keychain. Evidently earlier deliveries only included the key fob but no keychain loop. Both of the key fobs I got with my Model S included a loop that can be used to attach it to keychains or other items.

The connection of the string to the clip is just a simple metal loop that isn’t welded or anything and in the first day it unbent and disconnected. If that had been clipped to something I could have possibly lost the key fob.

The loop approach also leaves it quite disconnected from the other guys if you attach it to a keychain. So while this is a solution, its far from ideal and I think its perhaps why Tesla didn’t include anything with original key fobs. If you’re interested in seeing the actual space on the back, its here:


Fob DetailsThere isn’t space for a regular keychain, but you can use the loop. I ended up disconnecting the loop and saving it away and just keep the fob in my pocket.

It is a nice touch to have the fob shaped like the car and operate the parts that you click on. It seems that Tesla is still messing with what the hold operation does as several people have reported finding their windows down when they didn’t want it from getting accidentally pressed in their pockets.

In daily use with the tech package you only need the fob to open the frunk if you’re outside the car. Otherwise I never touch it as the car unlock and pops its handles for me when I walk up and the trunk has a button on it to open if needed.

This post first appeared on Teslarati.