IMG_2659Following my last “Does it fit” post, this one is about traveling with a dog in the Model S. My mutt, “Echo”, is 75 pounds and we go for a 4.5 hour run every weekend around a lake while my daughter ice skates. Switching from the MDX to the Tesla means the Tesla has to do all the duties the MDX used to and that includes carrying the dog. Several of my friends were horrified to see the dog in the Model S, but its a car and its got work to do.

I had previously bought a Canine Cover for my Acura MDX for $154. Its a very durable cover, water proof and scratch proof and doesn’t slide around. It has elastics that go over the back seat headrests and then little baffles that you stuff in the crack in the back seat to stop it from sliding. It doesnt cause any damage and the fit is perfect. My only wish is that the front edge somehow secured near the floor somewhere as the dog can push that up at times. But it provides excellent protection for the seat and is very easy to install and remove.

It’s been raining for a week so the trail run was wet and messy and we both came back covered in mud. Thanks to the all weather mats and the Canine Cover the Tesla is no worse for the wear and my dog is not left out of the fun.

IMG_2664p.s. She’s quite glad all that exhaust smell and loud engine noise stuff is gone.