Evannex HookUpBefore I bought my Model S I discovered that oddly Tesla had decided not to provide coat hooks in the car. While I don’t hang jackets very often, coat hooks are definitely a useful feature when you need them and I went looking for a solution. At the time there were very few options and people were using all sorts of solutions like double sided tape, felt hooks not designed for the purpose, and other odd approaches. The best option I found back then was the E-James which was 19.80€ (about $27 US) and I couldn’t figure out how to order it online since it was in a foreign language so I just gave up on the whole idea.

That was until I saw Evannex, probably the leading company focussed on Tesla aftermarket products, offer their HookUp coat hooks for a very reasonable price of $8.95 for a set of two. This looked to be a great solution and I was eager to try them out. One caveat though, the HookUp coat hooks are only available for models that have the panoramic roof option to provide the needed seam for installation.

 Initial Impression

Coat HookPackaging was simple with instructions, the two hooks and a Evannex brochure delivered in an envelope. The hooks look to be very well made and built specifically for their advertised purpose – hanging things in the Model S.


While there’s an installation page, installation is dead simple and requires no skill at all — a child could install these. No tools are required, the installation isn’t permanent and you can easily install and uninstall them when you see fit. I thought the ease of install and uninstall to be a great feature — if you don’t like the look of them when you’re not using them just store them in your glove box until you need them. 10 seconds and they can be installed again when you need them.

A child could install these

To install you sort of angle them 90% from vertical and slide them in-between the roof and the headliner and then twist and pull down slightly to lock into place. You can easily install these in 10 seconds. Before installing these I had never really looked at this headliner gap but it’s the perfect place for this hook.

You can easily install these in 10 seconds.

Below are some before and after pictures of the hook installation:

Before HookUp Installation

Before HookUp Installation

After HookUp Installation

After HookUp Installation


Hanging JacketTo test the hooks I tried a few different types of garments both with coat hangers and without. I tried my normal sports jacket, one of my wife’s dresses, and then a really heavy leather bomber jacket.

One of the things Evannex cautions about is to not exceed 4 pounds per hook. There’s no metal or anything along that headliner ridge to provide strong support so you don’t want to pull down too hard on these coat hooks and stress the headliner. A few business jackets per hook, or a single leather bomber per hook seemed about right and was risk-free. I wasn’t going to stress the system and risk creasing/damaging my headliner.

Do not exceed 4 pounds per hook.

The hook easily handled my heavy leather jacket. Due to the weight of the jacket it doesnt hang well on coat hangers anyway so I just hooked into the loop on the jacket and it hung well. The hook can hang coat hangers, or anything that has a loop or it can hook on to. For my business jacket I tried it on the coat hanger and it hung lower and touched the seat but also hung well. Using the loop in the jacket raised it up off the seat for me. As with most cars, there’s a balance between more clearance and using coat hangers.


For scoring of the Evannex™ HookUp solution this is how i’d score it:

  • Durability – Strong ABS plastic with a decent thickness — your headliner will warp before you break these. 5/5.
  • Secure Mounting – Easy to take off and put on, but a bit loose when on without weight applied. 4/5.
  • Price – $8.95 is very reasonable especially considering other (worse) options. 5/5.


Frankly it’s hard to imagine them doing much better with this. The hooks are reasonably priced at $8.95 for two, they work well, are simple to install and remove and have reasonable limitations. Evidently i’m not the only one that thinks it since they’re currently sold out on the site. If you’re in need of coat hooks for your Tesla Model S i’d highly recommend ordering them when they come back into stock or filling out their contact form to let them know you’re interested.

NOTE: The HookUp coat hooks are only available for models that have the panoramic roof option.

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