Tesla Frunk NetIn the early days Tesla used to include the Front Trunk Cargo net with every Tesla Model S produced. Some bean counter at Tesla decided they could make money on this and now this small net is a $20 purchase plus pricey shipping from Tesla. While I wanted a net, I didn’t think it was worth the price Tesla was charging and the net wouldn’t be in a very visible area. I had to be able to do better.


I started by measuring the space and decided I wanted a net about 13″ x 13″ in size. Some Googling told me what I wanted was a “Bike Cargo Net”.

Amazon is usually my go-to for any online orders, but Amazon has been having some challenges recently with knock-off Chinese products. The one I wanted was a “Pyramid Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net” but when I went to order it standard shipping was 17-28 days which generally indicates a Chinese knock-off. I couldn’t find one that wasn’t a knock-off on Amazon.

I ended up at eBay and searched for the same thing. I found it for $8.95 with free shipping and paid for it with PayPal thanks to Elon! It arrived within a couple days.

Packaging and installation

Frunk net packagingSince its just a net, packaging was minimal which was fine.

The same goes for installation. I got this net specifically since it has 4 hooks and 4 positions in the Frunk to attach those. Beware that some nets have 6 hooks on them.

The net fit fine and will definitely hold items in place. Its not quite as nice as the one pictured by Tesla but it was about 70% less expensive and I got it faster. In the picture below its holding a 30′ NEMA 14-50 extension cord in place (subject of a future post!)

Frunk Net Installed



I think the frunk cargo net should be included standard with the Model S. Tesla has gone back and forth on some of these items like the rear parcel shelf which now appears to be included again. The little space in the frunk is useful but things will slide around unless held in place. For $9 this solution does the job.