It’s been 4 months and 10,000 miles since I took delivery of my Model S. As I went through various areas of the car I made notes on what I liked and didn’t like and came up with a wish list of things I’d like to see added to the car.

I focused on things that can be changed for my car through software updates as these are things Tesla can improve for me. I also have very few things I’d wish about the rest of the car. Many of the things I’d like to see are also in the global wish list being tracked at Tesla Motors Club but I have my own tastes and priorities.

The items in bold below I had on my 2007 Acura MDX and are sorely missed.


  • Commute AdviceWaypoints
  • Multiple route options (shortest, shortest time, etc)
  • Traffic-based re-routing (reportedly coming in 6.0)
  • Better map caching – AT&T coverage is spotty and slow.
  • Show Map zoom level
  • Ability to organize favorites (folders)
  • Sort favorites by distance or frequency of use (vs random!)
  • Ability to show points of interest (POI)
  • Ability to set current location as a favorite
  • Ability to route to prior starting locations

USB Music

  • Shuffle
  • Folders need cover art
  • Fast scroll when in USB folders
  • Favorite ability for folders, artists, etc.


  • Remember rear seat heater settings too (it does this for the fronts but not the rears) across power off/on
  • If a passenger gets out and the car starts traveling again turn off that passengers seat heater.
  • Ability to “pin” or lock a screen in a position – like NAV always on top so I can flip the bottom one but not lose NAV or have to do the press/drag thing
  • Let me set % regeneration setting – not just 2 options.
  • Let me set max creep speed – 5mph is far too fast.
  • Show lifetime total/average energy somewhere so we don’t have to “reserve” trip B for this.
  • Let me control how long my headlights are on after I exit (its so long now I never use it).
  • When opening trunk, allow me to press the button to reverse direction.
  • Headlight flash is too long, shorten it or let duration be set.
  • Don’t allow car in drive if rear trunk is open. Or require special override.
  • Graphs always default to “instantaneous” which is basically useless. Default to average or remember the setting.


  • Service reminders for tire rotations, annual service etc.
  • Show actual tire pressure settings for all 4 tires.
  • Provide full release notes on every software update.
  • Provide release notes prior to install for software updates.


  • Report on estimated time to complete charge to set level (in car and in app). Make this work right with non-linear charge rates at Superchargers etc.
  • Allow me to set desired charge end time (not start time).


  • Allow cruise control resume from stop (other vendors can do this)
  • Be smarter on regeneration when cancelling cruise control – its harsh.
  • If driver gets out of car (in park!) and passenger is still present don’t let the car go to sleep (or have a setting around this).
  • Using washer to clean windshield turns on lights. Be smarter about this.


  • Remember volume setting by audio source (book tapes from my iPhone are a different volume than music from Slacker)

Web Browser

  • Browser - TeslaratiMake it work with Google apps (cookies, sessions, mobile flavor, etc.)
  • Fix return/caps lock behavior
  • Have the ability for it to report itself as a mobile browser for faster loads/better visibility.
  • Support tabs
  • Support favorite syncing with desktop/mobile devices
  • Allow organization of favorites including some kind of sorting
  • Make window scrolling smoother/more obvious
  • Make it faster/more standard (Chrome/Firefox/Safari like)
  • Fix web browser time zone setting/function – many sites think I’m in PST based on IP address.


  • Allow display of lyrics
  • Support custom playlists
  • Fix car stop/start while a song is playing resulting in a partial song resume
  • If you cant play/find the searched song offer to do nothing.

iOS App

  • Show internal temperature (without requiring me to turn on climate control first).
  • Receive all alerts/warnings that car shows.

That’s a long wish list in 4 months and its not even Christmas yet. I love the car without any of it. But imagine what the Model S would be with all these improvements and they’re all very possible.

What I find interesting is that there are news reports that Tesla is hiring up to 30 hackers to make security improvements to the Model S. Security is important and they should definitely invest in that area. But 30 decent programmers focused on the list above could knock out most of that in 6 months or less. How many programmers do they have now and what are they doing? Did all the resources get diverted to supporting new international markets? Is Tesla still investing in the software layer for the Model S or are all investments going into the Model X etc?

I’ll be tracking this list over time to see when/if Tesla delivers.

What’s on your list?