The Tesla Model S is known for its spacious interior and for making the term “frunk” (front trunk) a household word. Sometimes the challenge with all this space is organizing it so that things are held in place and don’t rattle or shift around as you’re launching the car at unbelievable speeds. Evannex just introduced a new product, the Trunk Organizer, to help us keep all our bits in the right places and I recently had the opportunity to get hands on with it.

Trunk Foot Well Space

While most owners have discovered this area in the Model S trunk, some still haven’t discovered this gem. One of the options for the Model S when you buy it is to have it equipped for extra seating for two children in the rear which provides you with 5 adults plus 2 children or 5+2 seating:

child seatsWhen installed and in use the seats provide great space for younger kids to sit and enjoy the rapidly retreating scenery.

Usually the challenge in rear seating like this is space for legs so the kids aren’t eating their knees. As the Teslas require no exhaust system, muffler, etc, Tesla was able to provide a rear foot well for the kids legs and for storage to fold the seats into when not in use.

For those of us that opted not to get this option, we were left with this footwell which is covered by an easily removable piece of of the cargo footing area. This footwell is quite spacious and tends to collect a lot of stuff:

Cluttered FootwellMine has a mixture of cleaning supplies, charging cables and adapters, tire maintenance stuff, things for walking the dog etc. When I need something I inevitably end up digging around for a few minutes and then spend a few more trying to reposition things so its all flat and the cover goes back on.

I’ve been thinking about how to solve the problem for a while and looking at various tote type boxes but hadn’t found anything quite to my liking.

Evannex Trunk Organizer

The Evannex Trunk Organizer is an after-market product offered by Evannex for $79.95 (tax/shipping extra) to help you organize the Model S’s trunk footwell.

Evannex researched the problem and found and sourced a product (the ROLA Organizer) that provides a great solution. I took a quick look around and the Evannex pricing was competitive with other suppliers of the same product.

Trunk OrganizerThe product comes in a long flat box and simply pops open to form the organizer. The process couldn’t have been simpler:

Organizer OpenedThe organizer has a number of nice features:

  • It folds completely flat and locks in that position when needed
  • The dividers are completely moveable and attach securely with velcro on the sides and bottom
  • There is a mesh pocket running along the front and back of the organizer for smaller objects
  • There are handles on each end to help with lifting and carrying the organizer
  • The sides, dividers and bottom are all study but thin enough to avoid taking away from any of your storage space


Installation was super-easy — the hardest part was clearing out all my crap from the footwell. After that you simply pop it open and drop it into the foot well. As you put it into the footwell you need to angle it a bit to get it to go in as its an almost perfect fit for the footwell:

Organizer InstalledIf you purchased premium sound for your Model S, then on the left and the right of the rear cargo area are subwoofers, but for those of us that didn’t there is extra storage space to be found there too which is handy for taller objects like windshield washer fluid bottles.

One of the problems i’ve had with these two side areas is when I put things into them they tend to go down and shift into the footwell area and become hard to find as there was no divider between the two areas. This organizer, with its left and right sides, also provides dividers that helps with this problem.

The organizer also helps with the rear side storage areas.

Once installed you can move around the dividers to fit your needs. Thanks to the velcro and solid material you have a lot of flexibility and the process is simple. I ended up with compartments with different themes:

All organizedOne of my concerns when I saw the dividers was that they would be too high to let the footwell cover sit flush once re-installed but I found that the fit was near perfect. This fit was with the Tesla all-weather matt on the bottom of the footwell which I chose to keep in place in case anything leaks back there. The fit would be even better without that matt installed but I was pleasantly surprised when it worked with the matt in place too.

The organizer fits well with or without the footwell matt in place.

The Evannex Trunk Organizer is available now on the Evannex site.

Evannex Trunk Organizer
  • Packaging
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Function
  • Price


The Evannex Trunk Organizer is a great solution to the unorganized space in the rear of the Model S. The design is thoughtful and well done and provides organization without and complexity or taking away from the the utility of the space.